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Children's BENADRYL® Allergy Plus Congestion

Children's BENADRYL® Allergy Plus Congestion Nasal Decongestant & Sinus Liquid Medicine for Kids

Product Overview

Give your children effective relief from allergies and sinus congestion caused by hay fever and other upper respiratory allergies with Children’s BENADRYL® Allergy Plus Congestion, an antihistamine nasal decongestant and sinus medicine for kids. Made with 12.5 mg of diphenhydramine HCI and 5 mg of phenylephrine HCl in each 5 mL, our grape-flavored liquid allergy antihistamine is alcohol-free and sugar-free. Children's BENADRYL® Allergy Plus Congestion can help relieve your child’s allergy and congestion symptoms including runny nose, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, itching of the nose or throat, sinus congestion, and stuffy nose as well as temporarily relieve these common cold symptoms: runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, and stuffy nose.

Available in: 4 fl oz (118 mL)

In September, 2023, The Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee of the Food and Drug Administration reviewed efficacy data available for orally administered phenylephrine (PE) as a nasal decongestant. Read the FDA’s statement about this review here



mL = milliliter

Take every 4 hours.

Do not take more than 6 doses in 24 hour

Attention: use only enclosed dosing cup specifically designed for use with this product. Do not use any other dosing device.

Age Dosage
Adults and children 12 years and over 10 mL
Children 6 to 11 years 5 mL
Children 4 to 5 years Do not use unless directed by a doctor
Children under 4 years Do not use


Active Ingredient

Active Ingredients in each 5 mL:

Diphenhydramine HCl 12.5 mg
Phenylephrine HCl 5 mg
Nasal Decongestant

Inactive Ingredients

anhydrous citric acid, carboxymethylcellulose sodium, edetate disodium, FD&C blue no. 1, FD&C red no. 40, flavors, glycerin, purified water, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, sorbitol solution, sucralose

Each 5 mL contains: sodium 10 mg.

Frequently Asked Questions