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Children’s Allergy Guide

Outdoors spring allergy art
Outdoor Tips
Help your kids stay in the swing of things by managing their allergy symptoms.

1. Avoiding Allergens 101

Don’t let allergens into your home. Removing children’s clothes that have been worn outside and washing them immediately will help remove allergens. Additionally, a shower after playing outdoors will help rid skin and hair of pollen.

2. Put Down the Rake

Playing in a pile of leaves is fun, but leaves are great hiding places for mold spores. Have someone without allergies do the raking.

3. A Laundry-Line Farewell

Hanging laundry outside can attract pollen, causing your child’s allergies to act up. Use a dryer instead.

4. Christmas Tree Caution

Holiday trees can attract mold spores, so check your tree carefully before bringing it inside.

5. Put on Your Mask

When doing chores outside, have your child wear a dust mask to reduce the effects of pollen and other allergens.

Benadryl night time art
Indoor Tips
Here are a few ways to keep allergies away when your kids and their furry friends are at play.

1. Face Time

Stuffy sinuses getting the best of your child? Try a warm compress and apply it to his or her face; it may help soothe sinus pressure.

2. Cut the Clutter

Knickknacks collect dust and are hard to clean. Store children’s toys, games, and stuffed animals in plastic bins to get rid of those dust-collectors.

3. Mom Always Said…

Keep your hands to yourself. Help your child avoid rubbing itchy eyes. Rubbing will only irritate them, and could make the allergies even worse.

4. Don’t Wait to Hydrate

All that sneezing and blowing can leave a child parched. Keep a full water bottle close at hand and encourage your children to keep sipping.

5. Tidy Bathroom

Allergies can affect kids practically everywhere – including the shower. If mold is an issue, keep your bathroom clean and well ventilated. Use bleach to get rid of mildew.

6. The Moisture Monsters

Dry air can be irritating to your nasal passages, but too much moisture in the air could create the perfect home for dust mites. Consider getting a humidifier for your child’s room, and keep the humidity level between 30% and 45%.

7. Plush Toys Need Baths Too

The fluffy toys your children love are dust-mite magnets. Here’s what works best when you need to clean them: Wash them in hot water weekly, or stick them in the freezer for an overnight dust-mite freeze.

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