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Managing Pet Dander

Six easy ways to make life with your four-legged friends more harmonious.

1. Keep pets off the couch

Allergens in the air can be reduced by keeping pets out of bedrooms, dens, or living rooms with upholstered furniture.

2. Choose pets wisely

Get allergy testing done before you choose a pet if you think you have animal allergies.

3. Pets and carpets don’t mix

Consider vacuuming regularly and pulling up rugs and carpets in your home, which cling tight to pet dander and other allergens. This should be done by a non-allergic family member.

4. Clean the cage

Waste is a source of allergens from rabbits, hamsters, mice, and guinea pigs. Cage cleaning should be done by a non-allergic family member.

5. Keep pets off the bed

Keep your pets out of your bedroom and especially off your bed to help reduce their allergic effects.

6. Brush it off

Have a non-allergic family member regularly brush the pet while outside, not inside, your home.

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