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Give congestion a rest.


As if allergies weren’t bad enough,
in walks congestion. BENADRYL® Plus
Congestion is allergy relief you can trust,
plus fast congestion relief. Here are some
other tips that may help you send
congestion packing.


1. Unclog with water

Congested? Drink plenty of clear fluids. This keeps pesky mucus thin and helps it drain from your nose and sinuses. Ahhh!

3. Steam out congestion

Nose not running? Run the shower. Inhaling steam can help with congestion. Just make sure not to directly breath in hot steam.

2. Apply pressure relievers

Apply a warm, moist washcloth to your face several times a day. Especially at bedtime as congestion increases when you’re lying down.

4. Heads up!

If you’re lying down, keep your head elevated. It’ll help congestion from becoming a nightmare.

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