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Is It a Cold or Allergies?

Cold Versus Allergy Differences art
Know the Difference
It’s pretty easy to confuse allergy symptoms with cold symptoms. Figure out which it is so you can get the right relief.

Question 1:

How long have you been experiencing symptoms?

Colds usually last 3 to 14 days. Allergies can hang around for months if you don’t reduce your exposure to what’s triggering them.

Question 2:

How are your eyes?

Colds rarely bother your eyes, but allergies love making your eyes watery and itchy.


Question 3:

Are you having aches and pains?

If you’re experiencing aches and pains, you probably have a cold. Colds usually travel with general aches and pains. Allergies do not.

Question 4:

Do you have a fever?

If you have a fever, you have a cold. Allergies do not cause a fever.

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